Friday, April 1, 2011

Homeschooling - Week in Review

I'm beginning to feel like my week in review is becoming a whine session about how difficult the week was.  Caleb, Sarah and Jada woke up sick last Saturday morning.  Caleb recovered quickly, but the girls entered the week not feeling well.   My Monday began with a 6 am run to the ER.  Alex was running a fever.  Thankfully, he tested negative for RSV and his chest x-ray was clear, so we were sent home.  When I arrived home, Josiah was down, also sick.  Unfortunately, I came down with a fever Monday night and spent the night sick with the stomach flu.  I didn't start feeling better until Thursday, and am still not 100% today.   Aaron and Rachel are the only two who haven't gotten sick ... I'm praying they don't!

Needless to say, we didn't have much of a school week around here.  Caleb, Jo and Rachel all worked independently on their Math, grammar and phonics.  I'll correct it this weekend and take Monday to go over anything they're struggling with.  The boys continued reading the readers they started last week.  I'm not sure what Rachel read this week.

We finished Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.   We all really liked this book.   For those who haven't read it, it's the biography of Nathaniel Bowditch, author of The American Practical Navigator (the "Sailor's Bible").  Nat teaches us that anyone can be educated if they have determination.  I hope my boys realized how privileged they are to be getting an education and that they embrace the hard work that a good education requires.

I also tested the boys into Writing with Ease.  Josiah tested into level one, and Caleb into level two.  We will start it next week (if everything goes as planned).

A few pictures from the week (not school related):

Jada.  You can tell by her eyes, that she still isn't feeling better.

The girls watching cartoons.  The TV is to the left (Rachel is watching it).  I'm not sure why the girls had their chairs facing that way, but it gave me a good laugh.

Tents the kids made on Thursday night and slept in.


  1. Parenting is one long adjustment period to whatever the new normal is, isn't it? It's hard when having sick kids IS the new normal! I hope little Alex settles in and that everyone feels better soon! Spring has to come eventually, and the germs'll give us a break! It's better to blog and kvetch than to kvetch at the kids anyway, and you'll read back on your blog and thank Jesus for the grace to endure weeks like this and know that you didn't sugarcoat it like lots of moms seem to on their blogs ;). It's good to tell it like it is!

  2. I just found Writing with Ease this week and have decided to go with it!! I was wondering if that is what you said you were doing for writing, I couldn't remember! Where did you find the placement tests. I'm wanting to start Chi soon and go though the summer, and start Micah in the fall.

    It's funny that you have a picture of tents... Micah and shad are building them as I type to sleep in tonight!!

    Glad you are mostly feeling better!

  3. I think I found the evaluation!!

    Have a good night!


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