Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lego Quest #39 - Occupation

I first heard about Lego Quests from my sister.   Her kids have participated for several weeks now, so I asked my kids if they wanted to do it, too.  This weeks challenge was occupation - what they want to do when they grow up.

Caleb wants to be an artist, so he made someone painting a picture.  

Rachel said she wanted to be a McDonald's manager, so this is her McDonald's.  

Jada wants to be a ballet teacher, and this is her stage.

I couldn't get Josiah to do it.

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  1. Looks great Kids!!! (Rach your McDonalds looks a little scary,but if the food is good that's all that matters!) (Caleb we really like yours, cool!) (Jay, do you give lessons to any age group? I'd love some lessons!)


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