Friday, April 15, 2011

Week in Review - Spring Break Edition

This week we took a break from our studies and had our spring break.   Monday we traveled to visit my Father-in-law, Sister-in-law (and bil, but we didn't see much of him) and nieces and nephew.  We stayed though Wednesday and had a great time!  The kids were already planning how to get back together yesterday.  My sister-in-law was recovering from surgery (and over doing it), so we had a nice relaxing few days.  Kristen and the kids met Alex for the first time.  He was his normal, cantankerous self, so no one got to enjoy him.

7 of the 9 kids watching a movie together.

My gorgeous niece holding Alex.  He was actually in a good mood for a short time.

Going out to eat with cousins.

Alex meeting Great-Grandpa Papa Joe (93 years old).  Alex wasn't happy (but when is he???).

On our way, we noticed they were building a wind mill farm (with one completed windmill).  I was fascinated by them!  Part of me thought it was so cool and another part was a little scared.  They reminded me of a sci-fi movie and I was just waiting for them to start moving and attacking me, LOL!  On the way home I was determined to get a picture.  Getting a picture from a moving car is never easy, but this one isn't too bad.

We spent the remainder of the week cleaning out closets.  I have piles of clothes ... some go to once upon a child, some good will, some to friends, some to family, some to be put up for Sarah and Alex, and some to be made into rags.

I also started working on decorating Alex and Sarah's room.  I needed to wait until Alex was born to decide on an accent color.  It's probably going to take me awhile, especially since I'm going to have my Mom make quilts for their beds and we haven't even gone shopping for fabric yet.  A sneak peek:
We're planning a staycation in June and I also planned 16 options for daily excursions.  We will all vote next week to pare it down to five.

The kids played lots of video games, watched lots of TV (both are forbidden during the school week) and played outside.

We only have five more weeks of school left!!!!   The kids are ready for summer!

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