Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snapshots of Life


  1.  Alex is all swaddled up, pacied up and ready to sleep!
  2.  I woke up Wednesday morning to all three girls sitting on the bench together, eating their cereal.
  3. Sarah decided to put on her own shoe ... over her jammies!
  4. Our backyard this week ...  for a few days we lived on a lake!
  5. Josiah woke up early on his first day of summer vacation to play video games.
  6. Sarah trying out Alex's walker.  
  7. We laid a mulch "patio" this week so we had a place to put our outside table and chairs. 
(I missed a row of numbers)
      -    Alex's first time in his walker!
      -    Alex & me!
      -    Alex all bundled up to hang out around the fire! 

      8.   Hanging out with family around the firepit at my sister's house.
      9.   My 3 nephews had a birthday party.  This is Zeke opening his presents.  Caleb took the pictures        during the party and even though he took 20 or 30 shots, this was the only one that was semi clear!  He's used to a camera with flash!
    10.  Aaron hanging out with our babies!
    11.   The kids playing in the splash pad at our town park.   It's hard to believe the picture of Alex in his snowsuit is only 3 days before this!   Crazy Indiana weather!

Here's a video of Alex laughing.  It took me awhile to get him to laugh ... and then he stopped as abruptly as he started.   Such a moody little guy!

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