Friday, May 20, 2011

Week in Review - Weeks 34 and 35

The end of the school year is in sight ... only one week left!!    We are winding down here and have kept things pretty basic for the last few weeks.  They've all continued on daily with their math.  The boys are continuing grammar every day as well.

Rachel and Jada enjoying an impromptu picnic of watermelon and water.

Rachel has read several beginning chapter books these past few weeks, but I've not recorded which ones.  She also continues to enjoy picture books and loves reading to her younger sisters.

Watching the astronauts in space.
Watching the astronauts talking to the newscasters from space.  The kids loved seeing the effects of the lack of gravity on hair and jewelry.

Josiah has been reading Robert Fulton: Boy Craftsman
these two weeks.   

Josiah and Jada having an informal lesson on static electricity!

Caleb finished reading Sarah Whitcher's Story and Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran, and Stone Fox.  He also read about blood and the cardiovascular system in science.

Sarah working on her motor skills - putting her dolls shoes off and on.  

In History, we've learned about early immigrants to our country.   We learned about how cities began in our country ... the city was often built first and then the people came.  Quite the opposite of the European model.   We also learned about Eli Whitney and his importance to our country.

Caleb making his own Pokemon comic books.  The boys have been devouring these in their spare time ... and Caleb always has to then make his own versions!

We also have been reading Imprisoned in the Golden City, a story about missionaries Adoniram and Ann Judson.   We finished reading Calico Bush, which we ended up enjoying greatly after its slow start.  We are now over half way through The Journeyman.

Alex enjoying looking at his circus train.

I began pre-reading readers for next year and making review sheets for the boys.  We've had a little trouble this year with comprehension, so next year we are going to have a series of comprehension questions each day.  I still need to decide on readers for Rachel next year.  I will be using Sonlight readers, but a combination of the Grade 2 and Grade 3 readers.  We start back to school in mid July, so the next few weeks will be spent planning and reorganizing the school room in preparation for our new year.   I'm just hoping Alex is a more cooperative little guy by then!

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