Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Staycation - Day 4


When we decided several months ago to do a stay-cation, I made a list of 14 or 15 different things we could do.  Then, we sat down as a family and voted.  Everyone was allowed to choose five and then the five with the most votes were the ones we did.  Because it needed to be done, I just happened to throw 'paint the porch' on the list.  I never thought it would be chosen.  I can assure you ... Aaron and I did not vote for it.  It not only was chosen, but was one of the top choices.   

Now ...  on with Day 4

We painted the front porch.   

Painting the Porch


We also went and picked out a few things to decorate the front porch.  We let the kids choose.  We let them help pick out a new light fixture as well.   Aaron will get the new light up at a later date, and then I'll take pictures of the final product.

Then, for supper tonight we had ice cream sundaes!  The kids loved it!  They asked if we could do it every week and we said no.  Then, they asked for once a month and we said no.  Finally, we agreed upon once a year.   We had a wide variety of toppings and ate until we could eat no more.



We finished the night with a fun game!

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  1. Porch looks great and icecream can't be beat for a vacation supper!!!


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