Friday, June 10, 2011

Week in Review - Summer Vacation

Whew!  Another week of our summer break is gone!  Only 5 weeks left!

The five older kids spent Sunday night and all day Monday at Nanny and Pa's while Aaron and I celebrated our anniversary.  They spent most of the day in the pool and came home tired and with a little more color.  Aaron and I went out to eat in the town we went to college in and spent our first two years of marriage.  We wandered around town, exploring our old haunts.  We walked by our first house, which is no longer even the same color!!

Back at the spot where Aaron proposed!
Back at the spot where Aaron proposed.

The rest of the week was spent being lazy at home!!  It was super hot, which makes for lazy days.  The mosquitos have been so terrible that we've been able to spend very little time outside.  We've sprayed for them, twice, but they just keep coming!!   Here's a few pictures of our relaxing week.

They terrorized played with a poor, little froggy.
Photo by Caleb.

They played with bubbles.




They made their own "band".

(The boys are taking guitar lessons and were supposed to be teaching Rachel what they've learned).

The girls painted.


 We also got the boys' closet cleaned out and organized, some shelves hung in the living room, pictures hung in the little's room, and some more mulching done outside.  I got lots of school planning done.

This morning we dropped Rachel off at camp.  She only stays overnight ... just to get a taste for what it's like.  Hopefully the rain holds off today for her!

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