Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week in Review - Summer Vacation

Only 4 weeks of Summer Vacation left!!  It's flying by.

For some reason, I didn't get a lot of pictures this week.   Alex had a rough week this week, although he was much better last night.   I feel like I didn't get anything done this week ... and yet it felt like a whirlwind!
"Three little pups sing, 'woof'".

  • Sunday afternoon we enjoyed lunch with Aaron's friend and mentor.   It was great to enjoy some time with him before he heads back to Texas next month.
  • Caleb went to camp this week.  We dropped him off Monday (and I forgot my camera) and picked him up this morning.  Not having Caleb here made for less fighting, but also a lot less help.
  • Aaron took the other four kids to our local state park to swim Tuesday afternoon.  I stayed home so I could rest.  Alex screamed the whole time they were gone!
  • Aaron stopped by Turtle Days and bought me an enormous elephant ear on Wednesday evening.  I'm not a big fan of fairs and festivals ... but I love elephant ears and funnel cakes!
  • Josiah and Aaron went to see Super 8 Wednesday night.   The girls and I stayed home and watched Emma.  
  • Thursday I wasted over an hour at the doctor's office.  I just needed a little blood draw, but the nurse couldn't hit a vein.  After being poked and prodded, I left feeling sore and bruised without any blood being drawn.
  • Thursday night Joe went to his 4H meeting with friends (Thanks George!!!  Saved me from having to drag 4 kids).  Then he and Aaron went to a concert of a local band.   They both really enjoyed it!
  • Friday I drove into Fort Wayne to the hospital to get my blood drawn.  It literally took the phlebotomist 30 seconds.   Not sure what the nurses problem was on Thursday.
  • Aaron cooked steaks on the grill for supper Friday night!!!  Yummy!
  • Aaron and I enjoyed a "Date night" at home Friday night.  We watched King's Speech.  It was excellent!
  • Saturday we picked Caleb up from camp.  Then, we enjoyed a beautiful wedding in the afternoon ...  congratulations, Kara and Nick!!
  • Saturday evening, Aaron and the kids were in our town's parade.  Alex and I enjoyed watching from the sidelines
Alex slept  through the whole parade.


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  1. I love AJ in the saucer! So cute! George looks pretty festive too!


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