Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alex - 6 months old

6 months.   Half of a year.

Where has the time gone??

He's a happy guy.

He loves to play with toys.


Everything goes in his mouth ... but no teeth, yet.

He no longer stays in one place ... he's a man on the move.


He's started solid foods.

He still nurses more like a newborn than a 6 month old.

I think often its more for comfort than for nourishment.


He's a tummy sleeper.

He still wakes several times in the night.

He takes on good nap a day, and cat naps several other times.

He gets slap happy.

He loves to laugh.

He babbles all the time (and some kids think he says their name, LOL).

Alex 6 months

He bounces in his exersaucer and loves to turn the knobs.

He moves his walker at breakneck speeds.

He loves to be surrounded by family and hates to be alone.

Alex 6 months

He's growing too fast.  

He fills our days with joy.

Six months


  1. BIG boy! His hair looks a little red! =)

  2. I just love the first picture on his tummy with the blocks!! They're all So cute!
    Halee loves them all too!!


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