Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday, Caleb!!

He's artistic.

He's serious.

He's a big help.

He's a child of God and is seeking to know Him more.

He loves playing video games.

He's outgoing.

He loves to draw animations ...  and is quite good.

He's inventive.

He's sensitive.

He's very smart.

He thinks he's the boss.

He's inquisitive.

He's friendly and counts anyone he's ever met as a friend.

He loves his baby brother and sister and dotes on them.

He lives life at a slow pace.

He's in that strange place between little boy and young man.

He's late to bed ... and early to rise.

He loves to climb and explore.

He's creative.

He's quick to anger, but doesn't hold a grudge.


He looks out for others ... sometimes too much.

He still thinks girls make good friends ... but nothing more.

He's the first born.

He made me a Mom ... eleven years ago.


Happy Birthday!!   We love you very much!


  1. Great Pictures!! Happy Birthday, Caleb!

  2. Aww...Happy B-day Caleb! (just a week late!) We love you!
    (Shannon you look like a baby in that picture!!) =)


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