Friday, July 15, 2011

School Planning - How

We're starting school on Monday, so my planning for our first 6 weeks is just coming to a close.  We use many things ... some are all planned out for me, some are just 'do the next thing', and some I have to actually make some plans.  We're breaking our school year up into 6 week periods with a week off in between each.  I'll do most of my planning in that week off.  Here is what I do to plan for the school year.

I like to have everything planned out on one page.   I've tried various ways of doing this, including daily assignment sheets, computerized planners, a teacher's planbook, etc.  This year I made my own weekly planner in a pages document (mac's version of word).  I fill in each assignment from my instructor's guides so that I have them all in one place.


I have a few subjects that I need to plan for myself.  I go through the book(s) and write on notecards the daily assignments for the book.  Then, I can just go and fill the daily assignments in on my sheet, above.

I have a manilla folder for each week and file my weekly schedules, all copies, and anything I'll need for the week in the marked folder.   At the beginning of each week, I'll move the weekly assignments into a folder marked with the day.  That way I have everything in one place ready to go.  


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