Friday, August 5, 2011

Homeschooling Week in Review - Week 3

This week we had VBS every evening.  The kids were tired, so we kept things light this week.  

We started the week finishing up our paper mache earths from last week.  Because of our poor execution with the paper mache, they were extremely lumpy.  This made it extremely hard to paint and almost impossible to include detail and accurate continents.   We did the best we could, and I am displaying them on top of the bookshelf.   For our first time doing paper mache, I guess we did O.K.

Caleb's paper mache earth from last week.

The rest are in the basket.  Unfortunately, they aren't even round, LOL!

We completed another geography project on Monday.   They drew themselves, then their homes, neighborhoods, town, state, etc.    They had fun drawing on the large pieces of paper and they learned that we have many "homes".

The kids all working on their geography assignment.

Their finished projects.

Sarah with all her colors.

We learned about arachnids and insects this week in science.  Caleb learned about how to watch the clouds for signs of impending weather.   In history, we learned about the first woman doctor in the United States, Elizabeth Blackwell, and how she opened the door for other women to enter the medical field.  We also started a book about William Wilberforce.

Rachel drinking her chocolate shake during our poetry 'tea'.

We had our first poetry tea for the year this afternoon.  Instead of tea or coffee, we had chocolate shakes.  We thought that was a bit more appropriate during these warm summer days!

Caleb and Jada enjoying their banana nut bread and chocolate shake during 'tea'.

For our Read-aloud, we continued reading Moccasin Trail.  Caleb read Sing Down the Moon.  Josiah read more of Stuart Little.  Rachel read The Long Way West and Prairie School.  Jada read a chapter and a half of I Can Read It.

Alex is full of slobbery smiles while he punches out some tunes!!

A guy can never have too many toys!


The girls at the bible school program.


The boys at VBS with friends.

Jada and Rachel have both been working on memorizing "The Caterpillar" through First Language Lessons.   Rachel doesn't quite have it yet, but Jada does.  Here she is reciting it:

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  1. Looks like a great week! I might have to try some of these ideas when we do our geography study this year!


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