Saturday, August 13, 2011

Homeschooling Week in Review - Week 4

This week we finally got some perfect weather.  It's been so nice to be able to have the windows open and be outside without roasting.   The kids did their reading outside several days this week and spent lots of time outside playing.   We also had a sad week, losing Aaron's Grandpa and also a man from our church within hours of each other.  They were both born in the year 1918, so had lived full lives.  They were both such wonderful men and will be greatly missed.

Our week was pretty low key.  We didn't do anything very exciting.  We took off on Tuesday to do a little shopping in preparation for our upcoming vacation.    We finished a book on William Wilberforce and will watch Amazing Grace tomorrow.  We also finished up Moccasin Trail.    Caleb and Joe both read the first half of Freedom Train, a book about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.  Rachel read Riding the Pony Express.   Jada continued reading I Can Read It, at double the pace Sonlight schedules it.  In science we learned about fish.

Some pictures from our week:
Sarah playing with her "pwuhzzle"

Jada getting ready to work on some math problems at the chalkboard.

Rachel using crayons for counters as she works on her math problems.

Rachel with one of her dress drawings.   She has a notebook full of her various designs.

The girls playing on the front porch.

Josiah riding his bike.

Rachel reading outside.

Sarah and Alex looking cute, as always.

A picnic on the front yard.

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  1. Looks like a fun week! Rachel's drawings look so familiar...brie does the same thing! A.J.'s eyes look sooo blue in that picture!


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