Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Nursery

When we found out we were expecting Alex last year, one of the first things we did was look into buying a larger house or adding on to our current home.  We went with adding on.   When we moved in last fall, the nursery was just bare walls (albeit, pretty aqua walls).  Not knowing whether Alex was a he or a she, I didn't want to do any decorating ahead of time.   Then, once he was born, time just seemed to get away from us.  But, I think we finally are finished with their room.   

We had several obstacles when decorating this room.  First, I am not a decorator!  I love decorating books/blogs/TV shows and know a beautifully designed room when I see one.  But, I have little experience decorating on my own.  Second, we had a small budget (a few hundred dollars).  We had the crib, toddler bed and one mattress.  Everything else had we needed to buy or steal from the rest of the house.  Third, it is a room shared by a boy and a girl.  I wanted to make sure it worked for both of them.  We painted the walls aqua when we built the room.  After deliberating for months on which color to put with it, I finally decided on orange.  I figured the aqua/orange combo was fresh and modern, while also being gender neutral.

 Although it's not  designer perfect, we are very happy with how their room turned out.  At this point it's probably the most inviting room in the house!

So, come in and take a peek.

This is Alex's side of the room.  We decided to save money by not spending on pricey baby bedding.  We just used plain white crib sheets.   Simple and clean (and very cheap).   I didn't plan on putting a chair in this room, but with as often as Alex woke in the night it became a bit of a necessity.  We moved this glider in from our living room.  I draped a small lap quilt that my niece made for Alex when he was born over the back.   He loves looking over my shoulder at the variety of fabrics!


My Mom sewed the valances for me.  I didn't want to use full curtains because Alex's crib is so close to both windows.  I didn't want to risk him getting wrapped up in them.   Sarah's side of the room includes her toddler bed (which we just had to buy a mattress for) and a bookcase where she keeps her favorite books.  The bookcase was one I bought to take to college.  We just gave it a coat of fresh paint to spruce it up a bit.  The blankets on her bed were made from a fleece kit I found on clearance at Walmart.  It was one of those blankets you were supposed to tie together into a  no-sew blanket.  I decided to separate the two pieces of fleece and add a blanket binding to them, making two blankets instead of one.  In the summer, one works perfectly.  If she needs the extra warmth in the winter, she can use both.  My mom also sewed those for me (Thanks Mom!!!).

We used a closetmaid cubby for toy storage.   There's plenty of room for more toys as they add them.   The storage cubes make the toys very accessible, yet out of sight.   

This room is pretty small (11.25 feet x 9 feet).  One thing that keeps things looking uncluttered is the walk in closet.  Not having to have a dresser in the room saves so much space!  


We stacked two of the closetmaid cubbies and use them as clothing storage.  There is also room for all their larger toys as well.  It may not always look neat and tidy, but we can close the door when it's a mess and forget about it!


I made all of the "artwork" on the walls myself.   

Nursery Walls
1.  I bought a large canvas and painted it orange.  Then, using the wall paint, I added a balloon.

2.  Using the same orange paint, I painted wooden letters spelling each of their names.

3.  In photoshop, I created my favorite bible verses (proverbs 3:5-6) in four different sections.  I saved them as a jpg, and had them printed at snapfish.  

4.  The last wall is framed pages from the book A Baby Sister for Frances.   Sarah had ripped out a few pages, so I thought this was a great way to repurpose it!  I think hanging all together, they make quite a statement.

That's our nursery.  We kept things simple (and mostly homemade) and kept to our small budget.  Slowly, over the last 10 or 11 months, we took a bare room and turned it into a nursery for two.


  1. Love it, Shannon! It looks great... Way to be creative!

  2. Looks great Shannon! You did a great job!

  3. Great job! It looks beautiful!


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