Sunday, September 18, 2011

Camping - Day 3

On Sunday, our nearby city had a 'free day' at most of the museums in town.  We went to the Art Museum and a local history museum.   The Art Museum didn't allow pictures, but there were several exhibits that we loved.  It's always free on Sundays and Thursdays, so we will definitely revisit on another free day.

The history museum was housed in the old City Hall.   It was packed full of people, so you couldn't spend much time checking things out.  We definitely will return again to learn more about the history of our area.

Nanny explaining the Native American artifacts to Jada and Zeke.  I love how you can see how intently they are listening in their reflections.     DSC_0119

Aaron, Alex and Jada locked up in one of the jail cells in the basement.

The exterior of the building.

Jada posed in front of the building.  Either the building blocks are really big ... or Jada is really small!

Josiah, Zeke, Caleb and Brie posed in front of the fort that the kids made.  

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