Friday, September 9, 2011

Jada is six!!

She's sweet.

She's funny.

She's very smart.

She loves watching Phineas and Ferb

She 'silkies' on a swimsuit while sucking her thumb.

She loves to color.

She likes playing video games.

She likes to play outside.

She doesn't like to hike (because there might be bears!)

She's silly.

She's a good student.

She's a picky eater.

She's shy and sometimes quiet.

But, at home she never stops talking.

She seems much older than she is.

She's insightful and very logical.

She's sensitive and kind.

She's confident and independent.

She smiles when she's in trouble.

But, she rarely gets in trouble.

And when she does she is often able negotiate her way out of it.


She is a delightful young lady and we love her very much!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Great shots! Happy Birthday Jada! We love you!

  2. She's a sweetheart!! Happy Birthday Jada!!


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