Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alex Videos

Here are a few videos of Alex from earlier in the week.

The first one is of him repeating, "Uh Oh" over and over.   Part way through he becomes enthralled with himself on the ipod screen.

This one is of him walking along the coffee table.  He attempts to cross over to the couch, but decides not to.  He started going between the coffee table and couch (and back again) with ease yesterday.

Alex - 9 months

I am a day late this month ... I thought today was the nineteenth.   I learned this morning that I was wrong.  I don't think he's changed much in 24 hours, so I think it'll be O.K.  He's getting very hard to get pictures of because he never stays still!

You got your first two teeth.

You're pulling up on everything.

You're starting to cruise along furniture

You love to eat big people food.

You think you have to be right in the midst of the big kids.

You love to take off and explore the house ... which is exhausting for Mom!

You repeat "uh oh" and started repeating "Dad"

You love playing with toys ... and non toys, too.

You've started wearing 12 month clothes and weigh around 19 pounds.

You slept through the night last night!!

But, you usually still wake at least once.

You still love to nurse.

You're super cute and love to flash your smile.

We love you!!

The first 9 months:

9 months

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Leaf Pile

Just a few pics of some fall fun from last week.  My camera battery died right when I was going to get a nice group shot.  I also missed out on all the fun jumps!   Our front yard is leaf free (for now), but I'm sure there will be lots of opportunities in the backyard in the coming weeks.   I just need to remember to keep my battery charged.





These last ones were taken with my ipod.



Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rachel is 8!!

My first little girl is 8!!

She's a girly girl.

She's tough as nails.

She's sensitive.


She's independent.

She's easily distracted.

She loves fashion.

She's loving.


She's high maintenance.

She loves to create things.

She gets everything out and doesn't put it away.

She loves to boss her sisters.


She loves Polly Pockets and Liv dolls.

She likes playing with paper dolls.

She loves sweets.

She's adventurous. 

She likes playing outside.


She likes to read ... but hates math.

She loves shopping (she must be Nuna's girl).

I can hardly believe she's eight!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Week in Review - Week 9

We took a quick trip to the zoo this Thursday ... the last of the season since it closes after this weekend.

The zoo was all decked out for fall ... I tried to get a picture of all six in front of the pumpkin display.  Josiah decided to try to be funny.

Rachel put a hat on Alex in the dress up area.  You have to look very closely to see his little mouth and nose peeking out under that huge hat!  

Posing with the kimodo dragon statue.  Josiah rounded the corner and saw the statue and let out a loud shriek ... he thought it was real at first!

There was a little girl sitting right next to Alex.  He couldn't be persuaded to turn away from her.  A ladies man already.

The rest of our week wasn't as bright.  We had lots of tears and fights.  The boys had basketball try outs on Monday and Tuesday nights, so they were tired all week.   (They didn't make the team, but will play on a 'skill developing' team).  Rachel is really struggling with memorizing her math facts ... which leads to long assignments.  We worked hard this week at regrouping the addition facts into tens and she did a good job with it, so I'm hoping things will get better here soon.

We're reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln.  We're also reading Across Five Aprils as our read aloud.   Caleb and Joe both read Turn Homeward Hannalee, Rachel read Cora Frear and Jada read several more chapters in I Can Read It 2.  She also read quite a few Little Critter books, which are quickly becoming a favorite for her.

Most of our problems in the last few weeks have been due to my low energy.  I found that my thyroid levels were high, and my meds were adjusted in the middle of the week.  Hopefully by the beginning of next week I'll be feeling better.

Sarah has been puzzle girl lately.  She does puzzles most of the morning ... over and over again.  Alex is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.   He's no longer happy to play in the playpen, but when I need to get stuff done he has to play in there anyway.  Every time we put him in there, though, it reminds me of the brother/uncle on Back to the Future ... I'm hoping I'm not condemning him to a life behind bars! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Random Pictures

Some random thoughts and pictures from the last week or so ...
  • I completed my project 365.   It was a fun project, but I don't think I'm going to do it again!  It's so nice to not HAVE to take a picture every day.   I have a few ideas for some future ongoing photo projects, so stay tuned.  
  • Alex is becoming very active, and it's hard to keep up with him some days.   Older kids with their tiny toys and babies do not make a very good combination.  Thankfully, Alex will now spit out whatever he puts in his mouth when I tell him, "spit it out."    But, we really have to watch him like a hawk ... and keep the floors clean!  One day he found an m&m ... he was a little bit reluctant to give that up!  He had the green candy shell sucked off and was down to about half of the chocolate.
Alex pulling all the books off the shelf.

Alex is pulling up now!  He's having a little trouble here, because the mountain dew case was half empty, so the top kept collapsing in on him.  He was able to keep himself up, though!

  • I got a new lens for my birthday (50 mm, 1.8), but I haven't had too much of a chance to try it out.  From what I've seen, I do think I'll be able to get better pictures inside this winter with it.  Time will tell.
The girls giving me a chance to try out my new lens ... posing with bible felts they were playing with.  Try to ignore Mount Laundry in the background, LOL.

Sarah likes to enjoy every last drop of water in her bath.  After all the water had gone down the drain, I tossed her the towel.  She curled up with it like a blanket, and just laid in the bottom of the tub.  She is so funny sometimes!

Caleb with his Pokemon cards. 

The girls building a 'campfire' on the front porch.  It was raining this day, so I told them they could play outside if they stayed on the porch.  They obviously listen well!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ouabache State Park

Thursday afternoon, we took a little jaunt to Ouabache (pronounced Wabash) State Park in Bluffton.  It was a neat, little park.  It had it's own bison herd, which included a baby just born at the end of August.  The kids learned that Bison herds still roamed Indiana until the early 1800's.  We then took a short hike around the lake, where I happened to see 2 small snakes (and screamed each time) and got to enjoy the beginning fall colors.    The trail wasn't well marked, so we got off trail a few times, but never too far.   We sandwiched the hike with some playground fun ... because my kids are always up to a little playground fun.













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