Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alex - 9 months

I am a day late this month ... I thought today was the nineteenth.   I learned this morning that I was wrong.  I don't think he's changed much in 24 hours, so I think it'll be O.K.  He's getting very hard to get pictures of because he never stays still!

You got your first two teeth.

You're pulling up on everything.

You're starting to cruise along furniture

You love to eat big people food.

You think you have to be right in the midst of the big kids.

You love to take off and explore the house ... which is exhausting for Mom!

You repeat "uh oh" and started repeating "Dad"

You love playing with toys ... and non toys, too.

You've started wearing 12 month clothes and weigh around 19 pounds.

You slept through the night last night!!

But, you usually still wake at least once.

You still love to nurse.

You're super cute and love to flash your smile.

We love you!!

The first 9 months:

9 months

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