Friday, October 7, 2011

Week in Review - Week 9

We took a quick trip to the zoo this Thursday ... the last of the season since it closes after this weekend.

The zoo was all decked out for fall ... I tried to get a picture of all six in front of the pumpkin display.  Josiah decided to try to be funny.

Rachel put a hat on Alex in the dress up area.  You have to look very closely to see his little mouth and nose peeking out under that huge hat!  

Posing with the kimodo dragon statue.  Josiah rounded the corner and saw the statue and let out a loud shriek ... he thought it was real at first!

There was a little girl sitting right next to Alex.  He couldn't be persuaded to turn away from her.  A ladies man already.

The rest of our week wasn't as bright.  We had lots of tears and fights.  The boys had basketball try outs on Monday and Tuesday nights, so they were tired all week.   (They didn't make the team, but will play on a 'skill developing' team).  Rachel is really struggling with memorizing her math facts ... which leads to long assignments.  We worked hard this week at regrouping the addition facts into tens and she did a good job with it, so I'm hoping things will get better here soon.

We're reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln.  We're also reading Across Five Aprils as our read aloud.   Caleb and Joe both read Turn Homeward Hannalee, Rachel read Cora Frear and Jada read several more chapters in I Can Read It 2.  She also read quite a few Little Critter books, which are quickly becoming a favorite for her.

Most of our problems in the last few weeks have been due to my low energy.  I found that my thyroid levels were high, and my meds were adjusted in the middle of the week.  Hopefully by the beginning of next week I'll be feeling better.

Sarah has been puzzle girl lately.  She does puzzles most of the morning ... over and over again.  Alex is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.   He's no longer happy to play in the playpen, but when I need to get stuff done he has to play in there anyway.  Every time we put him in there, though, it reminds me of the brother/uncle on Back to the Future ... I'm hoping I'm not condemning him to a life behind bars! 

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  1. Sorry about your thyroid, hope it gets where it needs to be quickly! Your trip to the zoo must have been in bizarro world! Joe smiled in like EVERY picture, all the other kids who normally smile just had blank stares!! =)


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