Friday, November 11, 2011

Week in Review - Week 13

We started our third term of school this week.   Overall, we had a pretty good week around here.

Rachel working on Math.  We made a discovery this week that if we remove the days worksheet from the workbook, she can finish so much faster and more accurately.  I think she just gets too overwhelmed with all of the workbook pages staring her down.

Caleb and Joe were supposed to finish Old Yeller this week, but the book seemed to have disappeared.  We searched everywhere for it, but came up empty handed.  Ironically, I know this is a book that we've owned multiple copies of, but we can't even find one!  I'm sure I'll find it today, now that the week is over.  They both just read on their own this week.   Rachel read Flat Stanley.  Jada read her chapter in I can Read It and multiple picture books.


Jada doing her spelling.

We've been reading Caddie Woodlawn as our read-aloud.  We studied the beginning of the industrial revolution in history.  In Geography, we learned about the thermosphere and ionosphere.

Alex with his teddy bear.


We began studying the human body this week.  We traced our bodies and will add each body system as we study it.  We also did an experiment showing the permeability of a cell membrane. (the picture above).

Adding skeletons to our bodies.

We traveled to a nearby cheese factory and watched them make cheese.  We also got to taste a wide variety of cheese and, of course, buy our favorites.  

Pictures from the cheese factory.

Josiah and his look alike, Sarah, at Jo Jo's Pretzels.

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  1. I REALLY love the magnetic letters for spelling!!
    Where did you field trip a cheese factory...that's sounds like something I would love to take the kids to also!!
    I always LOVE seeing your school updates..keep up the good work!


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