Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alex is 1!

You are walking all over the house.

You've even started running a bit.

You never stop moving.

You love playing with balls.

You've just started playing with trucks and trains.

Most of all you love throwing anything and everything on the floor.

You are constantly into everything.

You rarely sleep.

You still wake up several times a night ... although occasionally you will sleep through the night.

You are super silly.

You love to laugh.

You can be serious, too.

You say "yes" and "no" ... and repeat a few other things. 

You yell loudly when you don't get your way.

You throw fits, too.

You're just starting to figure out how to drink out a sippy cup.

You nurse frequently.

You eat pretty much everything and we haven't really found much that you don't like.

You love to eat whatever the big kids are eating.

You love to do whatever the big kids are doing.

You love being in the midst of the big kids.

You're my baby.

And now you're ONE!

Happy Birthday, Alex!!!  We love you!
12 months


  1. Happy Birthday Alex! We love you one year old boy!

  2. YAY!!! Happy Birthday, Alex!!!

  3. Happy Birthday (a day late) Alex! He sounds so much like our Noah. He nursed until he was 18 months, and I never thought he would give it up! It was just as hard for ME to give it up. I miss that special time we had together. I just love the monthly pics of Alex with the stuffed puppy! Such a cute idea!☺

  4. Oh wow! He looks like such a little man in that outfit...not a baby! Happiest B-day wishes!!


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