Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Will Carry You by Angie Smith

I first heard of Angie Smith several years ago when I was directed to her blog, Bring the Rain.   There, I read the inspiring words of Angie as she shared the story of her daughter's, Audrey Caroline,  devastating diagnosis.   At their 18 week ultrasound, Angie and Todd (singer of Selah fame) got the news that their daughter had kidney and heart problems that were incompatible with life.

I Will Carry You is the story of their pregnancy and the birth of their daughter, Audrey Caroline who survived for 2.5 hours.   Ultimately, it's the story of faith in God through extremely heartbreaking circumstances.  This book is encouraging and faith affirming.  Angie is upfront and honest about her struggles, yet through it all she has faith in Him.  Her faith is strong and unshakeable, and I guarantee you will be encouraged by it.

Her husband, Todd, wrote a chapter explaining his grieving and the differences between the way he and Angie grieve.  Also, Angie ends with a chapter on how to help your children through the grieving process, which is full of great information for anyone who is walking the path of loss.

Favorite Line:
"It is easy to be a believer when He gives you a miracle."

First Line:
"If there is one thing I have learned about raising daughters, it is this:  it is an unspoken law that if you are running late, you will not be able to find the sixth shoe."

Last Line:
"I am grateful that we approach miscarriage, stillborn, and infant death differently now and that there are so many resources for women who are trying to figure out how to navigate this path with their families."

Rating (5/5)

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