Monday, January 9, 2012

My Favorite Pictures - 2011

As I was looking through all my pictures last year to find an entry for the i heart faces challenge,  I found a number of pictures that I love from the last year ... some I actually love the photo itself, some I love because it brings back such great memories.  I finished my project 365 in September and have very few photos from the last 3 months of the year.  I've realized that I need to get back into trying to take a picture every day.   The memories are too good to miss!

Here are MY favorites.  I'm realizing as I spend more and more time pursuing my love of photography, that it is art.  As with any art, it is subjective.  What I love, someone else will look at and say, 'meh', and that's O.K.  These are the photos that have spoken to me this year:

I love this picture of all six of my kids.  This was taken during our staycation this past year.

I'll forever love this picture, too.  This was the first photo shoot of our completed family.   I'll never forget the fun we had piling up while the timer was beeping away at us to hurry ... in their excitement, Caleb and Jada may have been a little rambunctious and knocked the wind out of me, LOL.

My three beautiful girls.

Alex at 6 weeks.   This was the first shot I got of him that I loved.  He looks so little now, but I remember at the time thinking he was so big!

My three boys.  They're so handsome!

I love this picture.  It's probably one of my favorite actual photos of the year.

Alex, all serious and oh so cute at 2 months.

My two big girls looking so beautiful!

Alex and Sarah in their 4th of July garb.

This is another one of my favorites from this year.  I just love the kids' faces.  I couldn't have paid them to have this reaction!

DSC_0016The first and last picture of Alex with Papa Joe.  Sadly, Papa Joe passed away a few months later.  I'm thankful we got a picture of Alex with him before he did, even if it's not the best.

I don't know why I'm so drawn to this one, but for some reason I am.  I just love the feel it has.  And, it doesn't hurt that Alex is so darned cute!

All the kids, minus Sarah, my sister-in-law Kristen, and my two nieces at Miche Tavern.  This was just such a fun day.  The Tavern was great, and our visit to Monticello later in the day was too.  This picture will always bring me back to that day ... and I love the way they're posed!

My favorite shot of Jada on her sixth birthday.

I love this silhouette of my family (without me or the babies) fishing on the lake at my Grandma's.

Another silhouette from the same evening of my nephew, Malachi.

I love reflection pictures!  I love Alex's expression and that I also have my Mom, Dad and I in the shot as well.

Alex at 9 months.  His eyes are so blue in this picture.  I'm also partial to the 'look up' pose with little ones.

Caleb on his 11th birthday.  He's changed so much in the half a year since this was taken.  His face has completely changed and gotten longer.  This will always be the last picture of him as a little boy.  Makes me feel a little sad.

I love the look of adoration Rachel has in this picture.  I also love that the other kids are in the background just going about their business.

Rachel on her 8th birthday.

Josiah on his 9th birthday (a little out of order).

Sarah at her 2nd birthday.  What a fun year it has been with her!  She certainly has kept us all in stitches this year ... and possibly given us all a headache from her constant chatter, LOL.

This year also brought my introduction to my ipod touch and the instagram.  Although the quality, obviously, is less with these I love being able to capture life as it happens.  Here are a few of my favorite instagrams.

 1.   2.   3.   4.5.    6.7.

1.  Alex all bundled up for sleep.  This must have been taken in the few weeks that he took a pacifier.
2.  The three girls eating breakfast one morning.  I love this slice of life!
3.  Sarah 'holding' Alex.
4.  I love the girls' faces in this one.  We were waiting in the car and were just messing around.
5.  Sarah checking out lightening bugs.
6.  Sarah with colored pencils.
7.  The girls playing in the leaves.

2011 was a great year!   Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us in 2012!

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