Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!

Sarah is 3!!!!

She's funny.

She's smart.

She never stops talking.

Sarah's new "bike".

She calls the older kids "my girls" and "my boys".

She and Alex have a special bond.

She loves hanging out with her big siblings.

Her favorite show is Team Umizoomi.

Her favorite food is french fries.

She loves playing Polly Pockets and dress up.

Sarah trying on her new princess backpack.

She loves being outside.

She loves going places.

She loves being with people.

Birthday carousel ride!  Three year olds are so easy to please!

She loves puzzles, coloring, and crafts.

She loves books.

She loves music and singing.


She's finally potty trained.

She dresses herself ... and is very proud when nothing is on backwards!

She's super independent and likes to do things herself.

My little monkey!

She's a blessing to our family.

She brings delight to us all.

Happy 3rd birthday, Sarah!!!

I'm hoping to get some shots of her in honor of her 3rd birthday sometime this week!!


  1. Happy Brithday Sarah!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! Love you!

  3. Happy "Late" Birthday to Sarah!! I love the pic of her eating a banana with a monkey shirt on! Too cute!


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