Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Josiah is 10!


Today Josiah hits double digits.  He's smart and funny.  He's sensitive and kind.  He can be the best kid in the world.  But ... if he doesn't get enough sleep ... watch out!   


He hates school.  He loves football and basketball.   After watching the Rocky series, he's become obsessed with boxing and wants to be a boxer some day.   


His favorite TV show is MAD.  His favorite video game is Super Smash Brothers Melee.   His favorite football team is the Chicago Bears.  His favorite food is pickles.   His favorite song is Moves Like Jagger.

Joe Boxer

He likes playing video games.  He likes to sing.   He's quick and always on the move.


Happy Birthday, Joe!!!


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  1. Happy birthday Joe! Hope you have a wonderful day! Love you!


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