Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snapshots of Life

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Instagrams from the last few months.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer To Do


Summer To Do List:

  • Go to the Zoo
  • Hike at Potato Creek
  • Visit Art Museum
  • Turtle Days
  • Go to the Splash pad
  • Swim at Chain O Lakes
  • Visit Shipshewana Cheese Factory (and stop at E & S)
  • Drive-in
  • Take girls to see Brave 
  • Rachel and Jada Swim Lessons
  • Caleb Camp
  • Caleb Art Class
  • Girls overnight camp
  • Redecorate Girls' room
  • Clean out and reorganize Junk Drawer
  • Clean out and reorganize Pantry
  • Clean out and reorganize shed
  • Plan school year
  • Reorganize school room
  • Make Preschool Activities

Zoo Fun

We visited the zoo on the last day of May.  It was a chilly morning with rain in the forecast, so we thought we could miss the crowds.  But, it was packed!  A bunch of school groups were visiting, as well as lots of families kicking off there summer.  We visited the Africa section, rode the train, then left!  This was the first trip that Alex was big enough to notice the animals.  He loved them!  His favorites were all the different birds.  We hope to visit one more time before the end of the month (when our membership expires).   






Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chicago - Museum of Science and Industry

I took fewer pictures at the Museum of Science and Industry.  It was packed with school groups.   We enjoyed the areas we explored, but we came nowhere near seeing it all.

My babies enjoying looking at themselves in the funhouse mirrors.

Jada and Joe.

Big tire.  Little boy.

Sitting on a cow.

The girls loved listening to the phones ... it really is the little things, isn't it?

More Chicago ...

Alex enjoying the big window.  He was making big brother Caleb (who is scared of heights) extremely nervous!!

Our view from the hotel window.  I really enjoyed being a 'peeping Tom' after nightfall.  The funniest thing that happened during the trip was while nursing Alex to sleep.  He was humming while he was nursing ... and I thought it sounded like The Eye of the Tiger.  Sure enough, everyone else heard it, too!  What other 16 month old hums The Eye of the Tiger ... you can tell he has older siblings that are Rocky fans!!

Jada at the lego store,

Crossing the Chicago River.

Millennium Park.

All seven of my loves!


The boys playing in the fountain.

Everyone joining in the fun!

We all had so much fun in the city!!

Chicago Museum of Natural History

Way back in May, we spent two days in Chicago.    Through our membership at our local science museum, we could get in free to several museums in Chicago.   We wanted to take advantage before our pass expires,  so we decided to spend the night and make a big deal of it!

Our first day we revisited the Field Museum (our first trip was 2 1/2 years ago ... look how little the big kids were!!!).

The five older kids looking in a Sarcophagus. 

Joe and Rachel trying to pull one of the blocks to make the pyramids.  I love how Sarah is "reading" the information.



Posing with Sue, the T-Rex.

Random Pictures Late April - Early May

I've taken very few pictures over the last few months.  I just can't bring myself to blog without pictures, so my little blog has been silent.  My computer also needs more memory added, so I've been reluctant to upload the pictures I have taken.  I've been itching to blog over the last few days, so I decided to get those pictures off the camera!!

Shooting some hoops.  

Caleb.  It's hard to believe how much he's grown in the last few months.  I keep thinking I'm hearing a stranger out playing in the yard ... and it just turns out to be Caleb with his deepening voice.  Slow down, buddy!!

Alex with jelly all over his face.  He's still doesn't sleep well ... which is probably why I don't feel like taking pictures.  Hopefully, one day soon, he'll sleep at night and I'll feel like a new woman!

My three boys, trying run some of Alex's energy off before my cousin's wedding.

Dancing!  (Rachel, my niece Brie holding Alex, my niece Halee, Jada and Sarah)

They had so much fun dancing!!!


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