Friday, July 20, 2012

Alex - 18 months

Alex was 18 months old on Thursday.

Alex 18 mo 038
He loves trucks.

He loves  balls ... and has quite the arm.

He's constantly into trouble.

Alex 18 mo 037 He finally started sleeping through the night this week ... I'm hoping it sticks.

He's still nursing, but getting much closer to weaning.

When he wants to nurse he says, "More Mom"

Alex 18 mo 031

He's fun loving.

He's silly.

He  loves to be outside.

Alex 18 mo 026

He's finally starting to say lots and lots of words.

He loves books.

His favorite is HUG ... he loves to read it himself.

Alex 18 mo 017

He loves to climb.

He loves his big brothers and sisters.

He is especially close to Sarah.

Alex 18 mo 028

He's halfway to two and growing too fast!!!


Let me know what you're thinking!!


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