Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Caleb is 12!!!!

Last Friday, Caleb had his 12th birthday.  He's now as tall as I am and had to shave for the first time several weeks ago!  He's really growing up ... I'm still sometimes surprised when I hear his lowering voice, wondering who the stranger is in the other room.  He's growing into a wonderful young man.


He's artistic.  He's smart.  He loves to draw.  His favorite books are Harry Potter, Hunger Games,  Fablehaven, and The Hobbit (he couldn't choose just one).  His favorite TV show is LOST.   His favorite food is cookies.  His favorite football team is the Colts.  He likes playing outside.  He likes video games.  His favorite video game is The Hobbit.   He helps a lot.  He thinks he's overworked.  His favorite place to hang out is the tree in our front yard.    

Want to see how he's grown?

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