Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week in Review - Week 2 & 3

Weeks 2 and 3 are complete!  We've been fighting sickness (Alex, Aaron and Rachel have all been sick ... of course none of them at the same time!) and we are all very tired from a very busy summer. Josiah has had a really bad case of poison ivy this past week, keeping him from being able to concentrate (according to him, at least, LOL).  Caleb is using several text books this year (we've always used living books and workbooks for math) and he's had a bit of trouble adjusting to the new format.  Plus, I'm beginning to see that when people say that kids' brains turn to mush when they go through puberty is in fact true.  We're hoping he gets through this stage quickly!

We finished reading aloud The House at Pooh Corner.  The kids liked it, but didn't derive as much enjoyment from it as I did. We read "The Little Mermaid" and watched the Disney version at the end of this week   We were all surprised at the differences between the original and the Disney Movie.  We also read one story from the Tales of Egypt.  We were supposed to read more this week, but the boys and I felt uncomfortable with them, so we decided to not read any further. 

After looking at some cave paintings in an art book, the kids try to replicate them with their own 'cave' paintings.

Alex and Sarah join in the fun.

We also learned about the Fertile Crescent and how early man went from being nomads to settling down and becoming farmers.   We made our own cave paintings after looking at pictures of some originals.  We also learned about the two kingdoms of Egypt and how the two of them were united.  We learned about the importance of the Nile to the Egyptians and made our own model of the Nile.

Josiah lining our Nile River with aluminum foil.

The girls adding pebbles and planting grass seed along the river.

Rachel flooding the Nile.  I think she overflooded it ... we'll see what happens in the next week and whether we have anything grow!

The girls learned about light and colors.  They made a color wheel, then spun it in a circle and got to see how the colors became white.  They learned about how shadows are made and made their own shadow puppets.

Sarah and Alex playing with sponge blocks.

The girls finished Charlotte's Web.  Rachel read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  Jada read The King's Equal and started Babe:The Gallant Pig.  Caleb read Kidnapped.  Josiah keeps losing his books before he finishes them.  Definitely something we are going to work on!  So he read all but the last few chapters of both The View from Saturday and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (yes, Rachel finished it in the morning, but by afternoon it was missing!).  He also read Jumanji, and watched the movie.  He then compared the differences between the two, but said they were pretty close.

Sarah completing a maze.
025 Caleb completing a physical science lab.

They all also completed 9 more lessons in math and each took their first tests (all getting A's!).  The three older kids completed 8 more lessons of grammar.  We didn't keep up on spelling and writing very well these two weeks, but we'll pick those back up this next week.

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