Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days of Keeping your Head Above Water


Way back in the beginning of summer I read about the 31 day blogging challenge  and I thought it sounded like something I might be interested in trying, so I started thinking of topics.  31 posts on the same thing seemed daunting to me.  I'm not much of an expert on anything and couldn't think of anything I could share that anyone would care about.  I made a list but was unsure about any of the topics.  Months passed and the Nester posted a reminder about the challenge.  I decided I really wanted to try.  So, I sat down and made another list.  That's when the topic came to me ... 31 days of Keeping Your Head Above Water.

Maybe it sounds dramatic, but for all of you out there who have families I think (hope?) you feel the same way sometimes.  There are days, weeks, sometimes years that we feel like we're drowning in the responsibilities of life.  Most days I feel like I'm drowning in laundry, toys, schoolwork, activities, squabbles, etc.  You get the idea.   Let's face it.  Parenting is hard.  Marriage is hard.  Being a Christian woman is hard. I think most of the roles we have in life are hard.

I'm going to spend the next 31 days talking about keeping your head above water.  I will preface this series with the caveat that I am no expert.  I'm just a woman trying my hardest.  I have days of failure, and days of success.  I'm going to share the things that help me.  Some of those things I don't always do ... but I regret it when I don't!  If you ever feel like you're drowning, please join me for some encouragement and helpful hints on surviving life with children!

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