Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1 - Accepting God's Grace - 31 Days of Keeping your Head Above Water


I wanted to start my 31 days by sharing the window through which I see the world.  As a believing woman, my faith permeates all areas of my life including this blog.  Everyone is a sinner.  Even those women who want you to believe they are perfect.  Through God's grace, he provided a way for every one of us to have Salvation.  Jesus came to earth and lived the perfect life that none of us could live.  He took the punishment of those sins on the cross.  He rose on the third day conquering both sin and death.   We just need to repent and believe in Jesus' work and we can be saved.  God's graciousness provided a way.

I think we often think that God's grace is only about salvation, but God's grace is for our daily lives as well.  God grants us grace through each day of our life.  The strength we need to get through each day can be ours through God's grace.  The forgiveness we crave when we mess up can be ours through God's grace.  The blessings he bestows upon us are evidence of His grace.  God's grace extends through all areas of our life.

Even when we are drowning and struggling to keep our head above water, we have an arm reaching out to us to help us out of the deep.  

As we spend the next 31 days searching for ways to keep our heads above water, I want us all to keep grace at the forefront of our minds.  I want us to rest in God's grace and extend grace to the women around us who are struggling.  I also want us to extend grace to ourselves, as we struggle under the responsibilities of our lives.  If God can show us so much grace, shouldn't we show ourselves some as well?

The first step in Keeping Your Head Above Water is accepting God's grace.

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