Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10 - Organizing Our Things - 31 Days to Keeping Your Head Above Water


Yesterday, we discussed decluttering our homes.  Today, we are going to talk about organizing the items we love or use.  We've all heard the saying, "A place for everything and everything in it's place."
Having a designated place to put things helps you keep your home organized and running smoothly.  


Some general guidelines for organizing your things:
  • Keep like things with like things.   Keep all your tools in one spot.  Keep all your packing materials in one spot.  If you keep like things together it makes it easier to not only find them when you need them, but also to know exactly where they go when it's time to put them away.
  • Keep things near where you use them, if possible.  Try to keep items used in your kitchen in your kitchen.  If you always do your mailing at the dining room table, then keep your packing supplies there.   This isn't always possible.  I know I don't have room to keep some of my bigger appliances in my kitchen.  The consequence of this, though, is that they often sit on my counter for several days before I get them put away.
  • Put your most often used items in the most accessible areas.  Save time and energy by keeping the items you use most often close at hand.  Conversely, put things that you don't use as often in more inaccessible areas.  
  • Use decorative boxes and baskets to prettify your storage.   Stores are full of so many cute storage options these days.  Keep your eye out for a sale, and stock up on cute containers to keep your things in.  
  • Train the other members of your household to put things where they go.  Nothing ruins a great organizational system like a family who doesn't follow it!  Trust me, I know from experience.   Make sure everyone at your house knows the home for the items they use.   Encourage them to put things back where they go.  

Organizing our belongings makes cleaning easier.  It saves time when trying to find things.  It makes for a calmer, more soothing home.  Keeping things organized helps keep your head above water.

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