Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13 - Medical Issues - 31 Days of Keeping Your Head Above Water


Sometimes when we feel like we're drowning, there is a medical reason behind it.   Besides eating well and exercising, be sure to get a check up if you are struggling to stay afloat.  Vitamin deficiencies, hypothyroidism and depression are three big health causes of the drowning feelings.  There are many other medical reasons, too.   It's amazing how seemingly minor health problems can make such a huge difference in the quality of our lives.    Don't continue to drown when you could get some help. 

I have hypothyroidism, and when my levels are off I definitely struggle with energy levels.   I find it nearly impossible to complete the simplest of chores.   Keeping your body in tip top health is an essential way to keeping your head above water.

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