Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17 - Control your Media Time - 31 Days of Keeping Your Head Above Water


We have a plethora of media at our fingertips.  It can be very useful and you can use it wisely to help keep your head above water.  But, we can also let the media control us.  Maybe we get online for a quick second to check our email ... and it turns into an hour as we got distracted.   Maybe we have to have the television on at all times.  Maybe we are addicted to social media.   Maybe we waste hours playing silly games.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little time surfing online.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little TV.  There is nothing wrong with social media in and of itself.  Even the silly games can have a place in our time of rest and relaxation.   The problem comes when we are spending time with media indiscriminately.  When we are online wasting time while neglecting our responsibilities it is a problem.  When we know the characters in our favorite shows better than we know the people living in our own house, it is a problem.

How do we use media without being controlled by it?  I think we need to set limits for ourselves.   I'll admit that I have fettered way too many hours away online.   I've recently made a conscious effort to limit my time.  The way I've done this is two fold.  First ... I only use my computer at my desk now.  No more cuddling on the couch with my laptop.   Because it isn't as comfortable, I just naturally spend less time online.   The other thing I've done is to stay away from forums.  I've spent many, many hours on homeschool forums wasting my time.   I no longer allow myself to even visit the forums.   Next spring when I'm researching curriculum, I'll allow myself on ... but I'll have to keep myself to research and research only.

If your media time is out of control, think of steps you can take to limit your time and control it.   You may have better self control than I do, and not have to go so drastic.   Maybe you just need to set a timer while you are online so the time doesn't get away from you.  Use media to make your life easier and free up your time, but keep it from stealing precious hours of the day away from you.

Controlling your media time will help you keep your head above water. 

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