Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 - Menu Plan - 31 days of Keeping Your Head Above Water



Every day, a minimum of three times a day, they expect to eat.  When you're drowning, it's just one more weight on  your shoulders.  I think we've all been there ... it's time to eat and you're looking through the cupboards trying to decided what to make.  The best way I've found to take the sting out of meal time is to have a menu.  I used to just have a menu for dinner and then wing it for breakfast and lunch.  But, this year I started planning all three meals.   Half the battle at meal time is deciding what to make.
My menu for this 8 week school term.  The top is breakfast, middle is lunch, bottom is dinner.

You can plan your menu weekly, monthly or whatever works for you.  I plan my menu for our school term, which ranges from 5-8 weeks.  I set up a table for my term, then start filling in with our favorite menu items.  During the warmer months, I'll include items for the grill and sandwiches.  During the cooler months I add in lots of soups.  I try to have an overarching theme for each day, which makes it a little easier (for example mexican on one day, pasta on one day, soups, etc.).  Once I have everything filled in, I print it out.  I then add a few pieces of adhesive magnets and stick it up on the whiteboard in the kitchen.  The kids no longer have to ask, "what's for dinner?"  They can just look themselves.

My menu saves me time and brain cells.  It also helps me to keep my head above water.

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  1. I am coming to this conclusion...I NEED to menu plan!!! =) Can you send me a picture of your menu, I can't read it!


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