Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23 - Reaching out to Others - 31 Days of Keeping Your Head Above Water


When you're drowning, reaching out to those around you may seem counter productive.   But, I think focusing our attention on someone other than ourselves is good for us.  Seeing someone else's struggles and being there when they need it not only helps them, but also helps us.

When we spend all our time focusing inward, our problems become monumental.  The more you focus on your struggles and ruminate on them, the bigger they seem to become.  When we have an outward focus, we can see that life is difficult for everyone.   Our situations aren't unique.  Everyone has struggles and needs someone there to listen.  Be that listening ear for someone else.  Be the person there with help when they need it.

It doesn't take big gestures to reach out to others.  I think we can all find little things to do.   We can find time to send them an encouraging card.  We can spend time throughout our day to pray for others and their needs.  We can be there for someone to talk to when they are struggling.   We can take a meal into someone who needs it (even if it is just takeout!).

We can also be honest about our own struggles,  not putting on a face to others.  We can minister to those around us, sharing the things we have learned.  We can stop the fake facade and be real.

Reaching out to others helps us keep our head above water.

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