Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rock Candy Suckers

Making rock candy suckers.

After seeing them on Pinterest, Rachel just had to try the Rock Candy Suckers.  We followed the instructions from brandyscrafts.   Although, in looking at it we skipped the first step of rolling the sticks in sugar.  Ours still worked, although we had one dud that didn't grow as well.  The kids loved doing this, and couldn't stand to wait a full week before eating them!   A few things we learned:

  • Keep the sticks from the bottom of your glass/jar.   3 of ours were too far in and ended up stuck to the bottom.   They were so stuck that we couldn't use them!
  • Use flavorings!  We did not and the suckers tasted like sugar cubes.  I think they would have been much tastier with a little strawberry flavoring added!
  • When you go to clean up, use the sprayer on your sink to spray hot water around the inside of your glass.  This will loosen the sugar and the large lump of sugar in the bottom will slide right out.



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