Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sometimes kids are funny ....

On Sunday I was teaching Children's Church.  I can't remember exactly how we got there, but the kids started telling about bad things their parents did.  Right before I nixed the expose' and moved on, Rachel piped up, "My Dad cusses when he gets mad."

I completely forgot about it, but remembered today.  I had to giggle and tell Aaron that Rachel told all the kids in Children's Church that he cusses when he's mad.  We both tried to think of any one time that he had done this.  We just couldn't.  We certainly aren't perfect parents, but cussing just isn't one of our vices.

So, we asked Rachel about it.  I asked her if she knew what cussing was.  "Yes, it's saying bad words."
Then we asked her if Dad cussed when he was mad.  She stuck to her original story and said yes.  

Aaron was a little troubled by this point.  We asked her what he said.  "He says shoot and gosh dang it."   We both got a good laugh out of it.  I told him I would blog about it to clear his name!

It's always best to dig a little deeper when kids are telling stories, isn't it??  Oh - and for you parents with kids in Children's church ... I'm not telling what they were saying about you. ;)   (Not that I could really believe it at this point anyway).

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