Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wrapping presents

I am a terrible wrapper.  One of my friends in college was so appalled at my wrapping ability, that when seeing a present I wrapped for my sister's birthday, she took the presents and rewrapped them (splendidly, I might add).  But, I love seeing trees with beautiful packages underneath and have always dreamed of having the same for my own tree.


This year, I decided to use Kraft paper and red ribbons.  I like to have presents under the tree throughout the whole season.  But, if the kids' names are on them they are picking them up and stealthily trying to figure out what their gifts are.   Last year I used the wrap everyone in a different paper idea, and it worked well.  But, it was a little busy looking with such a large family.  So, this year I decided to get a different ribbon for each kid.  They are all red, silver, or gold (or a combination of those).


I think it looks much more cohesive, and yet the kids still don't know which presents are theirs.  


Pretty, practical, and inexpensive.  

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