Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Here

I've taken a blogging hiatus for the last several months.  It's been nice to have a break and spend time focusing on life.  I started blogging 6-1/2 years ago for two main reasons ... to have a record of my family as they grew and changed, and to encourage other women.  Over the years I've stopped and started blogging many times.  The former reason was usually responsible for me beginning to blog again.  I loved having that day to day record of my kids and missed it when I wasn't blogging.  If I'm honest, the latter reason is almost always the reason for my stopping.  I get discouraged that I'm not making a difference in other women's life and feel silly writing here at my small place on the web.

See, I love blogs.  I follow hundreds of blogs in google reader and though I don't read every post written, I find encouragement and inspiration in so many of them.  I love seeing inside the homes and lives of other women.  I love gleaning from the storehouse of knowledge available on the web.  The blogging world is filled with some extremely talented women!  To be honest, I sometimes become a little jealous of their success.  I fall into the trap of playing the comparison game and come away feeling insignificant.   And so, I give up.

Sometimes we as humans get our focus all messed up.   I spend time focusing on success (or my lack of it) and forget that that was never the goal.   I wanted to be able to remember these precious days with my children.  This blog has been great for this!  I love looking back and seeing our life laid out in these pages.  I love seeing my big boys smiling for the camera, now that they are getting older and are too cool to have their faces splashed all over the blog.  I love reading the cute little things they say ... things I never would have remembered otherwise.  I also wanted to be able to encourage other women.   Even though I'm not as successful at doing that as some others, I do think I have encouraged a few women over the years.  And more than that, I've shared things that God has laid on my heart.  If nothing else, I let you guys know that you are not alone in your imperfection!

All this to say, I'm going to try to start blogging more regularly again.   I've come to realize that my little corner of the web may be small, but that's O.K.  Sometimes good things can come in small packages.  Sometimes God can use us even if it's only to touch a few lives.   Just because our reach is small, doesn't make it valueless.   So feel free to read ... or not read.   I think I'll write anyway.

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