Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Desk Area

Our living room has a dead corner where the hallway, dining room, and living room all meet.  Over the years we've tried different pieces of furniture in this area.  Last year, I decided I really needed to have a desk area.  I needed a place to organize, plan, and blog.

So, I turned that dead corner into my little area.   I bought my "desk" at ikea, when Aaron and I made our first trip there last fall.  It's actually a small table with leaves that pop out.  I just keep the leaves in, and it makes a perfect desk.  I used the step stool Caleb made for 4H last year to store a few more books on the floor.  The red case on the floor was from Hobby Lobby and holds various papers, notebooks and my hole punch and paper trimmer.


I have an organizer which holds file folders and other various papers.  Even though it's often cluttered, I still love my little corner.


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