Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sarah is 4!!

It's hard to believe that my baby girl is now four!!


She's smart.

She's sweet.

She's loving.

She loves playing with her big sisters.

She loves playing with her little brother.

She loves mermaids.  She wanted to be one when she grew up earlier this year, but now she says she's old enough to be one.

She loves princesses.

She loves to do puzzles.

Pink is her favorite color.

She loves wearing dresses - sundresses especially - I have trouble keeping her in warm clothes in the winter.

Her favorite TV show is Team Umizoomi.

Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and broccoli

When she grows up she wants to be 14.

She is outgoing, yet can get overwhelmed in new situations.

She is funny and super silly.

She loves to cuddle.

She still sucks her two fingers.

She lights up our lives and makes us laugh every day.


I asked her at the end of the day if she had a good birthday.   She thought for a second and then replied, "Ehhh.  It was all right."  So I asked her what wasn't good.  She replied, "I only got one pink candle on my birthday cake."   Two greens, one yellow, and one pink candle ... the way to ruin a birthday!  

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