Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 25 - Week in Review

This week was a bit of a transition week.  After our break week next week we are having some big changes in our homeschool (more about those next week).  The kids worked on their math, grammar and reading.  They also worked on making a presentation about owls.  I've had owl pellets for over a year that we've never gotten around to dissecting.  I decided to have them do some research on owls, then we would end the week dissecting the owl pellets.

Rachel, Jada, and Joe enjoyed doing a few simple experiments about water,  Here they are learning about the surface tension of water.



Sarah and Alex, also, did some fun things this week.  Pinterest has made it so easy to find simple activities for my little ones!

For this activity, I just squirted some pain in a ziplock baggy and taped it to the window.  They then were able to mix the colors and draw with their fingers in the colors.


Alex coloring Mater with his Color Wonder markers.


Dropping colored vinegar onto a tray of baking soda.  This one kept Sarah busy for over a half hour!

Sarah mixing primary colors to get secondary colors.  She really enjoyed doing this and loved seeing the new colors, but she wasn't able to remember which two colors made which colors.  Probably because she added a little bit of all three to each of them.  After she made a color, she poured it into the jar, giving her a little bit of pouring practice also.

Dissecting the owl pellets:

Rachel and Jada working on theirs.


Look what I found!

The skull the girls found.

Joe's skull.

Joe's bones.

And finally, this is is a very common site at our house.  Anyone else's kids addicted to Minecraft??

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