Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Organizing Under the Bathroom Sink

Our Master Bathroom sink is very small and we have little storage.  I was not utilizing the area under the sink at all.  It was a disaster most of the time, with everything just thrown in haphazardly.   The small area limited what I could do, but I had a small lidded container that fit one third of the space perfectly.

My embarrassingly messy BEFORE.

So, I made a quick trip to Walmart and picked up 4 more.  They fit my space perfectly.  Although, they aren't pretty, they are functional.  I accidently got the wrong lids for three of them (that's what I get for trying to shop with kids!), so I need to exchange those for the correct sizes.  



A place for everything ... and everything in it's place.


  1. Nice, great use of space! I just followed you on Google Friend Connect. I did the Linens and the Loo challenge too. I'd love it if you could pop over to my blog, check it out and follow me too :)


    Happy Friday!

  2. Under the bathroom sink there is always a space left which can b used in an useful way by placing closets in it. You have shared a wonderful idea.


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