Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fourth of July HIke

We had no plans on the fourth and the kids needed some pictures for their 4H projects, so we decided to take a small road trip to find a nature preserve an hour or so away.   We ended up finding it, along with a rock outcrop that was really cool.  The kids were using my camera to take pictures for 4-H, which left me with my phone's camera.     It's hard to believe that these areas were here in Northern Indiana.

#hangingrock. Life on the edge.
The girls posing at the top of Hanging Rock, overlooking the Wabash River.

Caleb.  It's hard to tell in the picture how high we are, but you can kind of see the treetops as we are above them. 

#hathawaynaturepreserve #waterfall
Just a few miles away is the Hathaway Nature Preserve.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  We got to view several small waterfalls up close and personal.

Waterfall #2. #hathawaynaturepreserve

A waterfall you can actually stand at the top @peerdaddy

We enjoyed a small picnic next to one of the falls.

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