Tuesday, July 16, 2013

May and June Recap

Our summer break is quickly coming to an end.   We've had a busy, but relaxing summer.   The last few months were consumed with summer camps, VBS, 4H projects and our oldest becoming a teenager.   We have two weeks to breathe and then we begin another year of school.   Here's a few phone pictures from May and June.

The girls are driving me around!! #cedarpoint
The girls driving at Cedar Point.  We took the older four and had a blast riding coasters all day.  The favorite of the day was Millennium Force.

Jada getting dropped off at overnight camp!  She showed no signs of fear. #bearlakecamp #braverthanhermom
Jada getting dropped off at camp.  She didn't know anyone else, but showed no fear and had lots of fun.

We made it down the river without getting wet!
While Jada was at camp, the rest of us went canoeing.  It was my first time and I'm looking forward to going again!

Rachel getting dropped off at Bear Lake Camp!
Rachel's turn for camp.  She was lucky enough to have her close friend in her cabin with her ... but she still thought a week was a little too long to be gone.

Dropped off our last camper for the summer.  #bearlakecamp #bestfriends @morgebby00
Caleb and his best friend ready for their week of camp.

It's swim time!
Jada enjoying a little pool time at Aunt Kristen's.

Parade time!  #charteroakchurch
The church's float in our local parade.  Jada is in the white one, with Sarah, Alex and Rachel directly behind her.

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