Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thoughts from the Laundry Room

As the mother of 6 children, I spend a lot of time folding laundry.  I often find myself thinking and contemplating while I work.  These are some of my musings.

Everything is a matter of perspective.

As the weather has turned cold, I'm in the midst of switching out clothes.  Over the years I've passed clothes onto my sister and she in turn passes clothes back to me.  So, I have totes full of clothes for my little man to wear - many that have been passed down through 5 older boys (his two brothers and two cousins).

As I've been folding the laundry this week, I keep being flooded with memories of my two older boys.  It's funny how seeing those little clothes can transport you back in time and you can just picture exactly how they looked back then.  More, I keep remembering what I was thinking at the time.   I remember how big I thought those boys were when they were wearing those 3T clothes.   I have to shake my head at myself now, because I now realize how little they were back then.

Joe (almost 1) and Caleb (2 years 9 mo.)

When Caleb was Alex's age, not only did I have one year old Josiah, but I was also expecting Rachel.  He was my big kid.  I look at little Alex now, who looks so much like his oldest brother, and think he's so little.  He's my baby.  Next to his almost full grown teenage brother, he's tiny.  The size of my almost three year olds isn't any different.  But my perspective has changed drastically.

Perspective is important - but sometimes our perspective is skewed.  Unfortunately, we can't always know when our perspective is off.   We view everything in life through our own experience and knowledge.  Sometimes we allow our own perspective to affect the way we treat others.  We make judgements.  We look down on others.  We lack grace.  We allow our perspective to destroy others.  When, maybe, we are just looking at things wrong.

Alex (age 2 years 9 mo.)

My perspectives have been slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) shifting over the last few years.  As I look back at the way I've looked at things in the past, I see they were not only unloving, but also  ungodly.  As I move forward in this life, my prayer is to see people the way God sees them.  I want my perspective to be God's perspective.

Let all we do be bathed in love and grace.  Let us be there to pull others up, not push them down.  Love God.  Love others.  Let us see others how he sees them.

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